Kiggans Debunks Biden Administration’s Fearmongering on Veterans’ Benefits

May 01, 2023

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Yesterday on a press call, Congresswoman Jen Kiggans (VA-02) joined many of her fellow veterans in Congress in debunking the Biden Administration’s lies about H.R. 2811, the Limit, Save, Grow Act of 2023, and its impact on veterans’ benefits. On the call, Congresswoman Kiggans highlighted her family’s long history of military service, dispelling the partisan rumors perpetuated by the White House, House Democrats, and the Department of Veterans Affairs. 

Below are the Congresswoman’s remarks as prepared:

As a granddaughter of a veteran, daughter of a veteran, spouse of a veteran, mother of future veterans, and a veteran myself, I must first start out by saying that the reporting I’ve seen about me and my republican colleagues voting against veterans this past week is disgusting and dishonest.  Every day, I wake up to support, stand up for, and fight for the active-duty men and women and veterans in Virginia’s Second District, while the administration is politicizing the VA and using veterans to score political points.

One of the biggest reasons I ran for office last November and won in a tough district was because veterans were suffering and did not approve of the current Biden policies.  I have seen our veterans suffer under record breaking inflation and high gas prices more than any other group of people in my district.  These are people on fixed incomes who are barely getting by under the economic policies of this administration. 

I have cared for many of them as a geriatric nurse practitioner and I have personally seen them making hard lifestyle choices having to choose between prescriptions, groceries, or gas.  As prices continue to rise in the Biden economy, their benefits have not kept pace with inflation.  We see more and more veterans (and active duty for that matter) reaching out for assistance with food and healthcare and we are seeing increased rates of veteran homelessness.  Democrats are now lying to cover up what the Biden administration has done to hurt veterans in the pocketbooks over the last two years and it is despicable.

Republicans, on the other hand, have been serious about cutting wasteful government spending and controlling inflation, and we have proposed solutions that now require President Biden to step up and compromise with Speaker McCarthy.  Requiring our President to sit down at the negotiating table is what I voted for last week and that needs to be clearly reported.

Instead of lying about Republicans, the media should be talking about how veterans lives have been affected by this administrations’ policies and how veterans are now struggling on fixed incomes making it impossible for veterans in my district to live.

I will continue to vote for policies that have the BEST interest of the veterans in my district in mind.  That is a promise I ran off and it is a promise I intend to keep.


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