Kiggans Responds to President Biden’s State of the Union Address

Mar 08, 2024

WASHINGTON, DC: Today, Congresswoman Jen Kiggans (VA-02) released the following statement in response to President Biden’s State of the Union address:

“Last night, President Biden stood before Congress, the American people, and the world to give his State of the Union address. Like millions of Americans, I had many questions heading into last night. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the answers we were looking for, and instead got a dishonest political stump speech that further divided our country.

“The President failed to adequately address the economic crisis that is taking away the American dream from countless families in Southeast Virginia. His wide-open borders have jeopardized our national security and the safety of our communities…something I worry about every day as a mom of four. He has put the servicemembers from my district at risk by projecting weakness on the world stage and failing to lead.

“I remember watching the State of the Union while deployed overseas… Servicemembers who tuned in last night watched President Biden divide our nation with angry political rhetoric rather than address the threats and challenges we are facing. There was little to no acknowledgment of the service and sacrifice of our military men and women and no mention of the quality of life and quality of service challenges they face on a daily basis.

“I’m a former Navy helicopter pilot, a Navy spouse, Navy mom, and a healthcare provider. All I wanted were answers to the questions that keep me up at night. I worry about the future of my country and the country we are leaving for our kids. It is unbelievably frustrating that last night millions of people were left with the same concerns – if not more – that we had heading into the evening.

“I wish the President had chosen to unite Americans behind a vision for a more secure, strong, and prosperous future – but instead he pandered to his political base and let the American people down. I couldn’t be more disappointed.”


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